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Passionate Music Production

Music is full of tradition. Whether it’s an inspiring tune or a commitment to write music from the heart, we at KULLY B Productions have embraced these traditions while establishing a few of our own, since first embarking in 2000.  In the time we have been in media production, we have managed to capture the hearts of Producers, Directors and Artists all over the world...creating some truly amazing music! 

We serve you and your audiences by SOLVING creative problems with Bespoke MUSIC and SOUND design.

We create music and sound that will bring your vision to life in the world of Film, Television and Visual Games.

Breaking News: Produced, Composed and Arranged cover song for the "World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund", featuring two exciting Singers & Media Artists... Max Cinnamon and Sheena Melwani, in collaboration with Executive Producer, Fountain Jones of Better Days TV.  

KULLY B Productions is a passionate team of musicians and talented instrumentalists.

Based in the United Kingdom, KULLY B Productions has a storied history of world-class productions.

We pride ourselves on our technical abilities and musical versatility, breaking boundaries with our unique sound. 

Kully B Productions is the home of Kully B & Gussy G... Prolific at writing Production Music for Film & TV.


Our music can be heard on most terrestrial and streaming TV channel’s in every country of the world across the genres of

Cinematic Hip Hop / World – Bollywood / Break Beats / Urban Pop / Orchestral Hybrid. (see credits)


Whether it’s a new original composition / production…or your music catalog needs revitalizing …

or a remake / redesign… or a remix / co-song write, we can create what you need. 


We aim to provide the COOLEST global sounds and vocal flavors, melodies, textures, tones, and beats that are PROGRESSIVE

but harmonically designed. We bring your VISION to LIFE … whether your product is a Theatrical Film Trailer, revitalization of a Brand Signature, a Motion Picture Advert, a score for a documentary / film OR a TV Network Promo .


ALL of our music and sound design are 100% One Stop (Mastering and Publishing) and can be cleared immediately.

We also offer music supervision as a service.


We have a relentless creative drive to do our very best, with an ever-growing list of capabilities  

that we use to adapt to serving new audiences, stories and brands.

We just LOVE all things that are music and sound.


A Musical Journey

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